Adhesion and Bonding to Polyolefins by D. M. Brewis, I. Mathieson

By D. M. Brewis, I. Mathieson

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The chemical composition and structure of the modified films were analysed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and FTIR spectroscopy and the adhesive strength of electrolessly deposited copper to the modified surfaces evaluated by T-peel adhesion strength measurements. Adhesion strength data revealed that the plasma polymerised and UV-graft copolymerised glycidyl methacrylate polymer chains were covalently bonded to the plasma pretreated PTFE and were spatially distributed in the copper matrix.

6 refs. 701). 802-7 Polish EXPERIMENTAL EVALUATION OF THE PROCESS OF DECOHESION OF ADHESIVE JOINTS WITH POLYMER FILMS Zenkiewicz M; Dzwonkowski J The objects studied were adhesive joints of an acrylic adhesive and polyethylene film. The film was preactivated by corona discharge. The measure of the strength of the adhesive joints is the work of separation, consisting of several factors, the most important being the work of adhesion and the work of deformation or removal of the film by pulling. As the treatment energy increases, the measurements become more subject to error.

The pretreatments used for polyolefinic elastomers and polyolefinic plastics are generally quite different. The favoured methods for plastics are the corona discharge, flame and plasma treatments. However, these methods are not usually effective with elastomers probably due to the presence of molecules and compounds of low cohesive strength on the surfaces. , trichloroisocyanuric acid applied from an organic solvent is the most widely used method, although it is not effective unless the elastomer has a substantial number of carbon-carbon double bonds.

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