Archaic Cyprus by Andres T. Reyes

By Andres T. Reyes

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102. Cyprns, the Near East, and Egypt Cyprns and Assyria Nimrud, capital of the Assyrian Empire, 11 Sargon records the raising of the stele at Iadnana. It is not possible to establish the exact year in which the Cypriot kings sent their gifts to Sargon. The inscription mentions Sargon's third year as king of Babylon, which was his fifteenth as king of Assyria. This provides a date of around 707 BC. But the chronological sequence of events mentioned in the stele is unclear, and the palace inscriptions do not allow further precision.

Reich and B. , 'Gezer under Assyrian Rule', PEQ 1 I7 (1985), 4I-54· "' See A. T. Reyes, 'Stamp Seals in the Pierides Collection, Lamaca', RDAC I99I, I21, on seal no. 9· " D. Collon, First Impressions (London, I987), 75; S. Dalley and]. N. Postgate, The Tabletsfrom Fort Shalmaneser (Oxford, I984), J. 62 Cyprus and Assyria Cyprus, the Near East, and Egypt THE 'ROYAL' TOMBS AT SALAMIS POTTERY No examples of the so-called 'palace wares' that are indicative of a NeoAssyrian presence in Syria and Palestine are reported from Cyprus.

94 The chronological priority of Ionian monumental stone sculpture cannot, however, be established, and although it is plausible to imagine that Cypriots were encouraged to dedicate large stone votives as a result of their exposure to local Egyptian custom, it is important to remember that the notion of monumentality was already inherent in Cypriot culture, not only in terracotta sculpture, which was an indigenous art-form, but also in eighth-century architecture, as the 'royal' tombs at Salamis attest.

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