Antique Pistol Collecting (1400-1860) by James; Andrews, Ronald Frith

By James; Andrews, Ronald Frith

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In order to increase accuracy and reduce weight, the length of the [51] ANTIQUE PISTOL COLLECTING barrels (hereafter referred to as the chambers), barrel attached to the frame of the passed as the appropriate kno\vn pistol were reduced, and a through which each bullet chamber came into To as transition revolvers. all intents line. These weapons are and purposes, they are pepper-boxes -with a barrel attached, as the trigger and remained the same. They were in hammer action improvement and were made considerable numbers, some having rifled barrels.

The The The barrels and the breech ends often are retention of the long barrel was due to the use of the inferior powder. Some types vdll be found covered with embossed 'niello', a poor-grade native silver, with or vdthout an inlay of semi-precious stones. It vdll therefore be seen that from the constructional and aesthetic weapons cannot bear comparison with those of the West. Quality, however, was largely dependent on price, and some Eastern European pistols are relatively well made, and, being mostly points of view these long-barrelled weapons, attractive to look much attention until recent years, in the number when at.

Society was infested with wanton outrages in the beHef that their reputation as 'dead shots' would prevent anyone accepting their challenge. There was one, an Irishman named Bryan Maguire, who appears to have wanted nothing but an opportunity to use his pistols. Indeed, he had them always on the table beside him and if he these professional duellists wished to summon He would lean perpetrated a servant fired at the bell instead of pulling the rope. out of the \\dndow and annoy passers-by. If they objected he offered them satisfaction and choice of his pistols.

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