Anti-Oedipus: From Psychoanalysis to Schizopolitics by Sylvere Special Editor Lotringer

By Sylvere Special Editor Lotringer

Semiotext(e) (Volume 2, quantity three) - Anti-Oedipus: From Psychoanalysis to Schizopolitics

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2. A materialization of desire. -Desire is no longer viewed as a desire for something; it is not a tension exerted toward an object that is lacking and which is always lacking in order for desire, transcendence and beliefs to live; it -is not produced by an incompleteness, but is, precisely, a production working by means of an association between machines that produce flows and other machines which break these flows: the sun and the eyes, the air and the mouth, the sexual organ and anything else you want.

One no longer exchanges anything more than simulacra, one n o longer enjoys, one consumes signs. This analysis has all the essentials to lure us with, except that it ends by separating desire from all social economy. Hence it institutes a closed system to which death can only come from outside. One spends one's time verifying the law of equivalence, de mystifying all its progressions and waiting for desire to want to make its eruption. Graver still, one might wonder: how is this system maintained?

The unwillingness of psychotics to enter into analysis, the impossibility of making the psychotic delirium enter into the Freudian frameworks of interpretation, were both experienced by Guattari from 1956 on, beginning with his first hospital psychoterapy , From the published account of this we can witness a curious wavering between the not too discreet pleas made to his patient so that the latter would recite "daddy, mommy, my sickness and me" and a growing attention to a discourse inclined to speak of something else altogether; of Kafka, of the Jews, or of an integral immobility .

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