An Introduction to W.R. Bion’s ’A Memoir of the Future’: by Paulo Cesar Sandler

By Paulo Cesar Sandler

Within the final years of his lifestyles Bion collected strange manuscripts handwritten in his tidy lettering that assumed the shape of a trilogy. Finely typed and edited via his devoted spouse, they have been named "A Memoir of the Future". a few of the subject matters of this e-book have been already glaring in Transformations and Attention and Interpretation. those prior books offer the various theories whose sensible counterpart eventually came upon a sort within the trilogy: as Bion himself famous, "the standards for a psychoanalytic paper are that it may stimulate within the reader the emotional event that the author intends, that its energy to stimulate might be sturdy, and that the emotional adventure hence encouraged could be a correct illustration of the psychoanalytic adventure that motivated the author in first place." was once Bion actual to his note? it's maybe left to the reader to respond to this query. those books are an try and point out the view that Bion’s try out was once to provide the burning flame itself – instead of featuring static pictures of the fireplace.

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Through rhetoric—one of the many fountains from which delusion springs—the signifier grows at the expense of the signified, when people selectively emphasise those parts of the real concept that suit their argument and ignore anything that does not. The semantic field generated by this kind of wording and phraseology is apparently powerful. The latter loses its “truth value”. A pseudomeaning obtrudes in the construed nothingness made from psychobabble, jargon and erudite slang uttered by the secular showman—the expert who discovered the socio-political and commercial value of displaying his theoretical learning in a simplified, palatable form.

Search the Scriptures” indeed! Why not? Instead of that you humbugs search the quotations! No wonder life—real life— doesn’t seem worth living. You priests and doctors, and now psychoanalysts, would have made some pretty vile sadistic monsters if you had not been so afraid of your imaginations and the figments to which they would have given birth. PRIEST Do you suppose we don’t know that? A. We advocate knowledge of what we are really like—in so far as we can. But we do not thereby close the options.

The short report is verbally nearly correct; yet as I read it again I see it is a misleading record of the experience. I shall therefore make another attempt to describe this fragment of the session but without attempting verbal exactitude. [Bion, 1965, p. 20] This was superseded by a more humorous version in the Trilogy: BION Once I used to make notes on the session in conformity with my training. I was aware of feeling guilt and anxiety if I had no records to support any argument with myself or my colleagues, or T H E F U M B L I N G I N FA N C Y 27 real or imaginary accusers.

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