Alienation in Perversions by Masud Khan

By Masud Khan

Perversions and borderline states have been, by chance of destiny, Masud Khan's leader preoccupation in his scientific paintings over the past 3 a long time of his existence. In an previous quantity, The privateness of the Self, he awarded what he referred to as the typical and personal crystallization of his adventure together with his sufferers and academics; significantly, within the latter type, Anna Freud, John Rickman and D.W. Winnicott. during this later e-book he's taking his cue from Freud who, as he says, clinically determined the disorder of Western Judaeo-Christian cultures by way of "the individual alienated from himself".Masud Khan's easy argument, succinctly said in his Preface, is that "the pervert places an impersonal item among his wish and his associate. This item could be a stereotype fable, a device or a pornographic photo. All 3 alienate the pervert from himself, as, lamentably, from the article of desire".With its wealth of medical and theoretical insights, Masud Khan's Alienation in Perversions makes a massive contribution to our knowing of perversion formation. Its effect extends a ways past the non-public self-discipline of psychoanalysis, for the topic explored is one that happens generally in glossy lifestyles and literature. The concluding bankruptcy on pornography makes the purpose tellingly.

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T h i s confronts us with the pervert's inaccessibility to influence and change through his object-relations. No human being can do very much in ordinary life for a pervert because he can be as Lewis Carroll's Tweedledee would say only a sort of thing in his dream', c 30 T h e Role of Polymorph-Perverse a n d Object-Relations in I. Body-Experiences Ego-Integration On a Specific Type of Emotionality met with in Schizoid Character-Disorders I N 'Clinical aspects of the schizoid personality' ( K h a n , 1960a) I tried to give a general clinical picture of a schizoid type of character-disorder.

These unconscious but acutely shared and battled conflicts over anal and urethral experiences find a sudden relief at the phallic phase. A t this stage this type of mother again comes into her own. She identifies with the child's phallic development (be it a boy or a girl) and over-invests it with ego-interest. T h e child becomes her phallus. I t is a seduction which is very difficult for these children to fight off because it offers a magical solution to their interpsychic conflicts. e. a fusion of omnipotent breast and omnipotent phallus (Greenacre, 1960ft).

A n n a Freud (1954a) has discussed the role this plays i n the transference behaviour of these patients: 46 BODY-EXPERIENCES IN EGO-INTEGRATION I n analysis of such patients we find that there is no hidden fund of archaic love or hate on which the transference can draw. Relations to the analyst remain superficial and insecure, built on the only available pattern of relationships; since libido has never been concentrated fully on any one object, the con­ centration of material i n a transference neurosis does not seem to come about.

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