Akubra is Australian for Hat by Grenville Turner

By Grenville Turner

This is often the tale of the history-making hat that has been part of Australian existence on account that 1912. In Akubra Is Australian for Hat, Grenville Turner takes us on a trip with this precise Australian institution.

Aussies have lived, enjoyed, and died less than their Akubras, and donning one has been a longstanding culture during the continent. The Akubra does all of it. It presents color from the tough Australian solar, works as a fan on a scorching day, retains snakes at bay, serves as a water jug for a horse, and swats away flies. it may well also be worn as a hat. move figure.

This e-book isn't almost about historical past. Its tone is witty and lighthearted, and breathes that well-known Aussie attitude—you'll don't have any concerns so long as you could have your Akubra in hand (or on head.)

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