Advances in Friedel-Crafts Acylation Reactions.. Catalytic by Satori G., Maggi R.

By Satori G., Maggi R.

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23. Fillion, E. and Fishlock, D. 2003. Convenient access to polysubstituted 1‑indanones by Sc(OTf)3‑catalyzed intramolecular Friedel–Crafts acylation of benzyl Meldrum’s acid derivatives. Org. Lett. 5: 4653–4656. 24. Sharma, A. , Subramani, A. , and Gorman, C. B. 2007. Efficient synthesis of halo indanones via chlorosulfonic acid mediated Friedel–Crafts cycliza‑ tion of aryl propionic acids and their use in alkylation reactions. Tetrahedron 63: 389–395. 25. Molloy, B. B. 1979. Trifluoromethyl substituted 1‑aminoindanes.

The catalyst can be recycled, showing the same activity after four runs. 6). 55 Thus, 1‑butyl‑4‑methylpyridinium bis‑ triflimide ([4‑MBP][NTf2]) represents a suitable ionic liquid as it shows negligible mass loss when extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide and apparently no negative influence on metal triflate catalytic activity. 0 h−1]. 61 Reactions are carried out at high temperature (180°C–250°C) without solvent in a sealed glass tube, affording higher yields in aromatic ketones than classic Lewis acids; however, experimental conditions must be accurately optimized since the high temperature and the very hard Lewis acidity of the catalyst seems to promote undesirable side reactions.

1991. Friedel–Crafts preparation of aromatic ketones with an inorganic salt controlling agent. S. Patent 5,068,447. 17. Lindley C. R. 1992. BF3 catalyzed acylation of aromatic compounds. EP Patent 488,638. 18. Marshall, W. , Sigmund, S. , and Whitesitt, C. A. 1988. Process for leuko­ triene antagonists. S. Patent 4,777,299. 19. Marshall, W. , Sigmund, S. , and Whitesitt, C. A. 1988. Process for inter‑ mediates to leukotriene antagonists. S. Patent 4,777,298. 20. , Desmurs, J. , and Mioskowski, C.

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