Advanced Finite Element Simulation with MSC Marc: by Zia Javanbakht, Andreas Öchsner

By Zia Javanbakht, Andreas Öchsner

This publication deals an in-depth perception into the general-purpose finite aspect software MSC Marc, that's allotted by way of MSC software program company. it's a really expert software for nonlinear difficulties (implicit solver) that is universal in academia and undefined. the first objective of this booklet is to supply a finished creation to a unique function of this software program: the person can write user-subroutines within the programming language Fortran, that's the language of all classical finite point applications. This subroutine characteristic permits the consumer to interchange convinced modules of the center code and to enforce new positive aspects equivalent to constitutive legislation or new parts. hence, the performance of business codes (‘black box’) can simply be prolonged through linking person written code to the most middle of this system. this option permits to use a advertisement software program package deal with the flexibleness of a ‘semi-open’ code.

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E. a group of related statements which will be executed sequentially. In Fortran, a block will be equivalent to a sequence of statements each denoted by a keyword. Schematically, a process symbol is also used for a block of code for a concise demonstration. The Fortran equivalent of this structure is almost any statement but a control structure. A control structure is used for either a selection or repetition. Small simple programs usually consist of a sequence of statements. 22 1 Fortran – Advanced Features Flowchart Condition False Pseudo-code IF condition THEN True Block END IF True True Block (a) A single-alternative decision structure Flowchart True Condition True Block Pseudo-code False False Block IF condition THEN True Block ELSE False Block END IF (b) A double-alternative decision structure Fig.

AND. logic relational expression 1 I F ( aReal . EQ . 1 . 0 ) THEN This code tests if the variable aReal is equal to one. However, it is better to be replaced by the following: 1 I F ( ABS ( aReal − 1 . 0 ) . LT . 0 . 2 CASE Construct The IF construct is good enough to test several conditions. However, as the number of conditions increases, the nested IF construct might be rather confusing. In such cases, using a CASE construct is advised. In this construct, the value of an expression, called a case index, is tested against one of the several values or ranges of values, called case values.

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