Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Official Competition Adventure: by Bob Blake

By Bob Blake

The logo is of the traditional king, the secret is to the royal tomb and the magic is there to restore the king, yet the place is he buried? 32-page book with 2 covers.

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4 pts 8. Spotting the mole............... 4 pts ENDING THE ADVENTURE When the party decides to go through the gate, the volcano erupts violently: describe the earth shaking, the temple falling down around their ears, etc. This is simply for dramatic effect; no one will be hurt. Once back in Pellham, the epic quest can end in several ways. The best result is to recover both Marna/Llywelyn and Ardel, who then marries and founds a new dynasty. The next best is to return with the clone, for this completes the original quest.

Armed combat at this point is fatal, as up to 80 amazons and their mounts can come to the aid of Marna. The interior is very plain, implements of war much in evidence. Now that they can be seen close up, the metal weapons Any statements that do not serve as convincing Marna that she is Llywelyn result in the character being the clay pigeon in this 9f. THE FINAL GATE The circular room is dominated by a huge lava pit, over which flashes the scintillating colors of the interplanar gate, just as at the Pillars of Nimra.

Once removed from the cord, the key cannot summon an elemental and It is a 10-foot broad jump to the gate, though in the tournament anyone who no longer appears trapped to the caster of a find traps spell. jumps makes the gate and does not fall into the lava. As soon as the gate destination is fixed, the volcano begins to erupt: ground 9d. THE STONE DOORS shaking, magma spurting, rocks falling, etc. magnificent headdress/crown of bright Heavy stone doors block further progress here, and are unopenable except by the key 10.

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