Addictions from an Attachment Perspective: Do Broken Bonds by Richard Gill

By Richard Gill

This awesome booklet is a vital choice of papers from the 2013 John Bowlby Memorial convention via 8 complete clinicians from various modalities who proportion their event of operating with individuals with other kinds of dependancy. The papers assemble an in-depth figuring out that addictions are a reaction to, and carry the ache of, damaged attachments and are top handled inside of fit interpersonal relationships. for a very long time the individual with an habit has been visible because the challenge with society with the ability to dwell in denial of the factors. those papers open up cutting edge and potent methods of operating with humans afflicted via habit from an attachment-informed viewpoint.

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He is successfully bringing up kids and sustaining a difficult job (business planning in a complex organisation). Work becomes ever more complex and he has to deal with his team and many other workers. This week we are discussing, after the break, how he has come to have a mind of his own, how he can think and operate in the group not free from but attending to his anxieties and internal dynamics as they present in the team he works in, to work with the team’s anxieties. Also, how to differentiate between himself and the context within which he is embedded.

I would frame this with a model that is more archetypally based than Freudian, following the work of Hillman and looking for unifying archetypal images upon which to found dialogue in large group formations. From my personal experience, it seems to take a sacrifice of personal identity to help hold this process, to find a way of differentiating what one imagines to be one’s own need and what the group needs from you. From what I have seen with addiction too, something of this sacrifice has to be made.

Unfortunately, this structure not only isolates the person, it separates them from their core being but it is likely to re-traumatise that being itself. He uses the Rapunzel story as an illustration of how to work with this. The need to bear the attacks of the client are emphasised. ADDICTION 25 Mr B’s mother’s need of him as an object of her own psyche, and the father’s lack of emotion and then leaving of the home, led to his using and his search for “relationship” in the wrong place. His attachments in school were to the children older than him who would bring cannabis back from Amsterdam.

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