Acetic Acid and its Derivatives (Chemical Industries) by Victor H. Agreda

By Victor H. Agreda

Amazing a stability among uncomplicated chemistry and chemical engineering, this up to date reference discusses very important features of acetic acid and its significant derivatives, together with chemistry, equipment of education and manufacture, and synthesis, in addition to present and rising downstream technologies.;The e-book presents accomplished actual estate information for compounds and their separation, together with acetic acid-water separation. Describing 5 different types of recommendations for the manufacture of acetic acid, it: examines thermophysical homes and aqueous recommendations, with designated reasons of mathematical types and correlations; provides a serious research of estate; outlines production expenditures and comparable financial components; experiences the functions of acetic acid and derivatives; covers the chemistry and education of the derivatives; elucidates contemporary themes reminiscent of deicers, esters and new esterification applied sciences.

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However, there are several references to the production of acetic acid from ethanol in the liquid or gas phase. Direct ethanol oxidation (liquid phase) is reported to give acetic acid (90% yield) in the presence of acetaldehyde, oxygen (air), acetic acid solvent, and cobalt acetate catalyst at 60115°C and 1550 psig [48]. A modification of this process reports increased amounts of ethanol can be used with the incorporation of methyl ethyl ketone in the reaction mixture; higher temperatures and pressures are also apparently involved [49].

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