A Timeline History of Early American Indian Peoples by Diane Marczely Gimpel

By Diane Marczely Gimpel

Hundreds and hundreds, even millions, of years prior to Europeans arrived in North the US, American Indians had made their houses right here. those many teams tailored to the various lands and climates of what might later turn into the USA. every one staff constructed its personal tradition and heritage.

When settlers from Britain, France, Spain, and Russia arrived, the newbies interacted with American Indians in numerous methods. a few engaged in alternate, whereas others attempted to enslave American Indian peoples or to take over their territories. Many conflicts arose because the assorted teams fought over land and assets. The colonization in their land replaced the lives of yankee Indians endlessly.

Explore the historical past of the numerous American Indian peoples who predated the U.S.. tune the $64000 occasions and turning issues that formed their cultures either earlier than and after the arriving of eu explorers, investors, and colonists.

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What do you think about the Europeans? How do you hope they will treat you? How does your life change after they arrive? Imagine the same events from a European person’s perspective. How do you react to meeting the American Indians? How do you treat them? How do you plan to settle disputes over land and resources? 44 Glossary ally: to join or offer support culture: the beliefs, customs, and practices of a group missionary: a person who goes to a foreign land to do religious work nomadic: moving from place to place rather than having a single home orally: spoken instead of written plateau: an area of high, level ground reservation: an area of land set aside for people of a particular culture to live on settlement: a place where people set up a community territory: an area of land under the control of a ruler or a group Expand learning beyond the printed book.

31 Northwest Coast People and Trade Among the Northwest Coast groups, the Chinook were known for being traders. They traded with other American Indian groups, even those from as far away as the Great Plains. Chinook American Indians traded salmon as well as furs, canoes, shells, and slaves among other tribes. They even had a form of currency made from shells. Traders from different tribes communicated by using a special trading language known as Chinook Jargon. The language was based on a Chinookan language, but tribes all over the Pacific Coast spoke it.

The people with the highest rank would show their status by giving gifts and holding feasts in multiday ceremonies called potlatches. People gather around the central fire pit of a Chinook lodge house. 1775: Spanish naval officer Bruno de Heceta first lands on the coast of modern-day Washington State. 1770 1770s: A smallpox 1775 epidemic strikes the Chinook, claiming many lives. 1780 1785 1778: Captain James Cook of the British navy enters the Northwest Coast culture area in a search for the Northwest Passage, a water route across North America to Asia.

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