A Short Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon Poetry: In a Normalized by J.B., Jr. Bessinger

By J.B., Jr. Bessinger

The writer has tried to hide the vocabulary of the complete corpus of Anglo-Saxon verse and make the word-list as greatly helpful as attainable for the overall scholar of Anglo-Saxon literature.

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Snare, noose (10) 3e-grind (~) n. crashing, commotion (15) grindan (a, u, u) 3 grind (15) grindel (grindlas) m. bar, bolt (1) gripan (á, i, i) 1 grip, grasp (58) hafenian gripe (~) m. grip, grasp (58) gripu (gripa) /. kettle, cauldron (58) grist-bitian II gnash the teeth (97) grist-bitung (^a) /. sg. av. troubled, sad; sadly (6) grornian // mourn (6) grot (^n) n. ) aj. cruel, fierce (151) grummon see grimman grund (^as) m. n. sorrow ; harm (27) gryndan / sink to the ground (124) grynde (^) n. abyss (124) gryre (~) m.

Quick, active (2) earwunga av. av. east, easterly, eastward (47) éastan av. from the east (47) Easter- pref. Easter (47) éasterne aj. eastern, oriental (47) éawan/íewan /show, present, reveal (82) 17 éawunga efenettan / make equal (110) éawunga av. sg. axle (4) efnan / accomplish, cause; make, preeaxl (~a)/. sg. intersection of the eft av. sg. fear, terror (218) ~3e-stealla (~n) m. shoulder-compan- esesa (^n) m. terror (218) ion, comrade (16) esesan av. very, terribly (218) ea>- pref. easily (141) esesian // terrify (218) ^be-3Íete aj.

Fifty(24) fléogan (fléag, flugon, o) 2 fly; flee (123) fif el (~) n. (sea-) monster (4) fléoge (fléogan) /. sg. sg. fly, insect (123) fléon (fléah, flugon, o) 2 flee, escape, findan (fand/funde, u, u) 3 find, disavoid; put to flight: ofer~ flee from cover, meet; arrange, devise, invent; (123) experience, find out; seek out; visit: fléot (^as) m. raft, vessel (34) ~(aet) obtain from, prevail upon: a~ fléotan (éa, u, o) 2 float, swim, sail (34) experience, sense: on^ find out, per- fléow see flówan ceive; experience; get, obtain (148) flett (~) n.

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