A Felt Sense: More Explorations of Psychoanalysis and by Michael Eigen

By Michael Eigen

This ebook selections up the place Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis (2012) left off. it's in response to increased transcriptions of seminars given for the hot York college Postdoctoral software Contemplative reviews venture. As famous in Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis, W. R. Bion as soon as acknowledged that he makes use of the Kabbalah as a framework for psychoanalysis. This e-book enlarges the internal feel of this assertion. The seminars depict tricky intertwining of techniques in psychoanalysis and Kabbalah, strategies very important in supporting us dwell extra richly. non secular language is helping convey out nuances of mental states and psychology is helping make the language of the spirit extra significant to emotional matters today.

Bion and Winnicott are the most psychoanalytic heroes of this paintings, each one including richness to a “root experience” out of which their medical and written paintings develop. A felt feel spans many dimensions, traversing sensory existence, important sensing, logic, the feel of language, cultural sensing, instinct, Freud’s use of attention as a feeling organ of psychical belief, and different traits nonetheless unknown.

Case descriptions contain prolonged paintings with an alcoholic guy, commencing new paths to residing, and a close account of aiding an inventive, tormented lady die good. points of psychosis, creativity, mysticism and lifestyle combination and feature a say. the main target is psychic truth, with psychoanalysis and Kabbalah instruments during this nice firm of studying to paintings with ourselves.

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He will fail God and himself, even if the voice commands him to jump in front of a train. In therapy we look closer. Who is speaking? Is this God? The devil? ” This is not an idea that would normally occur to someone in this hapless circumstance, but it often happens, I suspect, that God and the devil are mixed up in our minds. Soon after I said this, the person began seeing devils. Some people looked more like devils than others. He was frightened to see devils nearly everywhere. He was caught between the devils he saw and God’s voice that he heard inside.

What happened was a revelation for me as well as Abe. Therapy as revelation, slow hard work that, paradoxically, takes one somewhere one did not know existed, not in a lived way, not for oneself. Little by little, working with people like Abe, I learned how a melding of faith and catastrophe hold personality together, a double link, mixed ingredients of experience. We like to think therapy shifts the balance, provides new windows, further possibilities of experiencing. As we go through this process and keep going through it, we are not entirely different, yet not entirely the same.

Mitzvahs can be a pipeline to God. For others an obstruction. For the same person, they can function as amazing resources and psychospiritual strangulation. I am thinking of a patient whose father became orthodox in her later childhood with near fanatic zeal. So much of life had to do with what was and wasn’t allowed. She gained a lot from religious feeling and rituals, yet became more and more tormented. As she grew into young womanhood, the torment began to spiral. In one instance, a conflict arose between whether or not to go to a dear friend’s wedding.

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