A Bayesian approach to binary response curve estimation by Ishiguro M., Sakamoto Y.

By Ishiguro M., Sakamoto Y.

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This proves the theorem. Earlier it was investigated the existence of "an automorphic part" in the quantum dynamical semigroup which is completely compatible with the faithful normal state (see l o ) . 5 allows t o obtain " a shift part" of the Eo-semigroup obtained by a Markovian cocycle perturbation from the flow of Powers shifts. So it can be considered as some analogue of the picking out a completely non-deterministic part in the Wold decomposition for the classical stochastic processes. PIfio, > > > Acknowledgements The author is grateful to Professor Luigi Accardi for kind hospitality during his visit a t Centro Vito Volterra Universita di Roma Tor Vergata where a part of this work was done.

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